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How Does Water Work?

How does water work? Why does it always flow downhill? What happens to the stream when it goes into the "big water?" How can we make water go where we want it to? These are some of the intuitive questions children are exploring as they play at the shore. An understanding of physics is grounded in childhood experiences, but learning how water "works" is only part of what happens here. As the weather warms, the animals at the shore begin to reveal themselves and their relationship to water is on display. All those mysterious holes in the sand are suddenly shown to be home to fiddler crabs. As the tide recedes, mussel beds are exposed to the light and air. What happens to these creatures when they are no longer surrounded by water? Will they be ok? Repeated trips to the Salt Marsh help children to see how the shore changes and gives them the opportunity to test out theories they may have formed in answer to their questions. It's also a whole lot of fun!

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