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Conservation and Creativity at Plumb Beach

Each year Kindergarten and their 3rd grade buddies join up for a day of public service and fun at Plumb Beach. 3rd grade began yearly clean-up trips way back in 1996 and in 2012 they added erosion control to their service to the community. With a donation of plants from the NYC Parks Department, our kids plant approximately 400 plugs of dune grasses and goldenrod along the sand dunes each year, the plants' roots helping hold back erosion. After Hurricane Sandy threatened the coast in 2013, 3rd grade teacher Steve Wilson visited Plumb Beach and observed that the dune grass the kids had planted the year before had survived and were doing their job protecting our coastline. Kindergarten soon joined in the planting and this year we estimate the kids of BNS have now planted nearly 2800 plugs covering an area of roughly 3500 square feet. Every little bit helps!

This year happened to be the first year that the 3rd graders who were with BNS in Pre-K also experienced Shore School (begun in…

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