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Amazing Gardens, Tree Climbers, and a Blossoming Spring: A Look Back

  A lone honey bee visits a tulip in the Amazing Garden in Red Hook, Brooklyn As we awaken from what seems like a timeless winter, we take a look back over the last few months and realize that much, indeed, has happened. The following is a sampling of the many trips taken by our Pre-K and Kindergarten crews to the parks and community gardens in Red Hook. Many thanks to the neighborhood gardeners who opened their gates and welcomed us in! Late fall in the Amazing Garden... Watering plants Lunchtime in the garden The plants really are amazing... Winter approaches in the Human Compass Garden... The Human Compass Garden offers many seating options The wasps' nest is still here! An early winter bloom The frost covers everything Is it snow? Is it ice? A discovery between the stones A worm! But wait... it has legs! Winter in Coffey Park... Snow covers Coffey Park Look! There's trees in here! Let's decorate this one! Little snowballs make good ornaments These branches make a good f

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