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Forest School is Back... This time with Music!

  Our music teacher, David Haiman, and our Forest and Shore School Coordinator, Bill Fulbrecht, have teamed up to provide music and support for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First-Grade classes to venture outdoors on Wednesdays. Last Wednesday, October 21, marked our first foray beyond the school yard to begin exploring some of the wonderful parks and gardens that are within walking distance from BNS. Doug's kindergarten class hiked over to Coffey Park in Red Hook for a morning of adventure and music. It may not be the shore at Marine Park Salt Marsh, but there is still plenty to see and experience as kids discovered worms and millipedes in the leaf litter and found a climber-friendly tree.  On Wednesday, October 28, Jacqueline's Pre-K class visited The Human Compass Community Garden at Sackett and Columbia Streets. The following photos show some of the discoveries we made.  Many thanks to the Human Compass gardeners for their generous support!  We have missed being outdoors explori

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