Valentino Oyster Watch

Shore School at Valentino Pier with Valerie/Marisol's and Doug's classes, October 25, 2018:

A favorite with locals who love to fish, Valentino Pier is just a short bus ride from school. It is also one of the sites for the Billion Oyster Project where Barbara and Johanna maintain several oyster cribs ( . On our visit, the children saw the oyster cribs and learned about the importance of oysters to the health of the estuary waters surrounding New York City. They also met a few fishermen catching and releasing fish, tested the wind and water currents, observed and drew the boats and birds in the harbor, and enjoyed the bracing weather. Next week Kori/Jen's and Mary Ann's classes will go.

A friendly fisherman showing off his catch (soon to be released).

Observing and recording the boats in the harbor.

Tossing flower pedals into the water to test the current.

Watching the pedals drift by.

The oyster cribs.

Johanna brought some oysters from the market to show what the insides look like.

Drawing in science sketchbooks.

"Hey! I see two tugboats!"

"This box is for ocean liners."

"How'd this crab get up here? Be careful little guy."

Returning the oyster cribs to the water.


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